We’ve been going to the Centre for only about a year. So far we’re still in the process of language acquisition, and Rosinka’s learning system appealed to us. We recognised the possibility for children to learn Russian through the personalised approach given to each child according to his or her individual abilities. We love to visit festivals. We hope Rosinka thrives and grows, and do not change a thing!

Svetlana (Sofia’s)

My daughter has been at Rosinka for 5 years now. We were attracted to the nice classroom atmosphere and of course the Russian language. Teaching at Rosinka is developing Russian language reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as new friendships. We very much love to go along to the celebrations and would like to see even more! It would be great if there were lessons during holiday times too!

Irina (Amilie’s mum)

My son started Russian language lessons at Rosinka in 2014. During this time he’s learned to read and write in Russian and made new friends with the other children. He loves the Russian celebrations. We really recommend the Centre to all our friends and will continue going!

Diana (George’s mother)

Two of our children attend Rosinka. My eldest son has been going to classes there for 4 years. We were attracted initially by the quality of teaching.

My children have learned to read in Russian, with writing and spelling too, and they’ve found new friends. We really love the celebrations organised by Rosinka! I would always recommend Rosinka to friends and acquaintances.

Anna (mum of James and Ilia)

We joined Rosinka in September 2015, and most of all like the high quality organization of lessons and the high standard of teaching.

Lisa has begun to read, write and listen to spoken words very well, and she’s now more confident expressing herself in Russian. She’s always very happy to go the school. I really like the fact that Rosinka celebrates various holidays through the year.

Anna (Lisa’s mum)

We joined Rosinka right from the very beginning. My eldest child was only 1½ years old at the time, and he started with a visit to the nursery group. He is still happy to go to class! At Rosinka he has not only acquired knowledge, but also made a lot of good friends. No wonder that I have introduced mysecond child to classes at the same Centre (you can tell from birth).

Tatyana and Olga make lessons interesting and lively, constantly adapting and improving their technique. They try to find an individual approach for every student. Given that many children come from different levels of Russian language ability, I do believe that the teachers do an excellent job with their tasks. The results are clear – the children write, read, and try to speak in Russian.

I am very happy that the teachers observe the Russian holidays. Fun for both children and adults alike! All the children learn poems which are then performed in front of parents. There are even some costumed celebrations. Tatyana often amazes us with delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. My children always remember these celebrations and are happy to tell their friends about them at their English school.

In the future, it would be great to see the Centre tutoring in maths and chess in Russian. Also, using the model of the English Forest School, it would be good to take the children on forest and city walks from time to time, and to have thematic lessons in Russian. This would be very useful for the development of speech.

I would like to wish the Rosinka Centre further prosperity and development.

Yulia Plate (mum of Christian, 6½ years, and Andreas, 4 years).

Roma joined Rosinka in September 2010, Oscar in September 2013. Roma and Oscar have two native languages ​​(Russian and English). Formal Russian language instruction is one of the priorities for their education, and this is where Rosinka gives us that opportunity. In addition, Rosinka provides a platform for bilingual children to communicate, allowing them not only to develop language skills and assimilate cultural and traditional values, but also to feel psychologically comfortable in the environment of other bilingual children.

Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful teachers, our boys learn reading and writing skills, greatly expand their vocabulary, and become familiar with Russian prose and poetry. They learn a lot of new and interesting things about the traditions and history of Russia. The boys really like to communicate with their peers in the classroom. Even outside the classroom everyone, parents and children alike, communicate in Russian which is nice.

The celebrations organized by Rosinka give the children an opportunity to get closer to Russian traditions, and also for their parents to feel closer to their native environment. I really don’t remember how many people we’ve talked to about our Rosinka. At least one child came to the Centre as a result of our recommendations.

We wish Rosinka further development and much prosperity!

Olga Stepanova (mum of Roma Oscar)

We’ve been going to Rosinka with my son for more than 2 years. Luka started when he was only 2 years old, with the playgroup sessions promoting his general development as well as familiarity with the Russian language. Right from the beginning we really enjoyed the structure of lessons, as well as the selection of materials and teachers’ attitudes to learning.

Lessons are tailored to the child’s age with a diverse range of tasks, games, Russian fairytales and so forth. The teachers are very patient and professionally focussed on the children’s education. We can see the incredible results that Luka has reached during his time there. By the age of 4 he had learned the Russian alphabet, and now reads and writes letters and short words in Russian, and most importantly speaks with us in Russian! This is all thanks to the teachers, as well as the exclusively Russian-speaking environment in the classroom.

Luka has also made several Russian friends in the classroom, which greatly contributes both to his development of language and also to a widening of his circle of friends.

Rosinka’s teachers also organize and celebrate Russian holidays and keep Russian traditions alive, which is a very important element in the maintenance of Russian culture especially as an expatriate. We are very pleased with the work of the Centre and hope to keep going in the future too.

Thank you very much for all your time and effort – we really appreciate everything, and Luka loves it too!

Masha (Luka’s mum)

We’ve been attending Rosinka now for several years. Polina has been going for 5 years, whilst Rodion has been there for more than 3. It’s the individual approach we really like, the warm and friendly attitude to children and their parents, the creative programme and new initiatives (contests, celebrations, preparation for tests, etc.), and the formal homework.

It’s clear that the children love the Russian language. They love learning and performing poetry readings at the seasonal celegrations. Polina loves to write speeches and stories, and now reads fluently enough. Rodion reads well and is really pleased to have begun writing recently. They have friends there and really look forward to going to the school to see them.

They love the Centre, it has become an integral part of their lives (and ours too).

Elena (mother of Polina and Rodion)

My son has been at Rosinka for about a year. For him it’s an opportunity to practice his Russian language skills and to communicateeffectively. This really has allowed him to be bilingual. Many thanks to the teachers for their enthusiasm!

Anya (Nikita’s mum)