Finding Rosinka was a pleasant discovery for us. Russian language has really become part of our weekly routine. Classes at Rosinka have given me confidence and authority as a mother, and for Rocky this is a great opportunity for reading and writing seriously and communicating in Russian with other children.

I recommend Rosinka for all kids, young and old. Rocky started his involvement at Rosinka when he was not yet 2 years of age; now he’s almost 7, and we’re so pleased he continues his learning journey.

It is important to me that Rosinka is not just about classes but also fun games, celebrations and performances! The culture behind the Russian language, Russian traditions and festivals have become a part of Rocky’s life. This is very important to me, to know where his mum is from and what Russia is all about, and that he could easily communicate with his grandparents!


Tatiana and Olga – THANK YOU!

Anastasia (Rocky’s mum)

Stasik and Zlati have been going to lessons at Rosinka for 3 years. We are attracted by the teaching system, with the children taking part in contests and plays, and holding celebrations.

My children have learned Russian grammar, writing Russian letters, vocabulary and reading. We always love to come to the Russian celebrations organized by the Centre, is we particularly like the idea of ​​celebrating an international New Year. I’m always pleased to recommend Rosinka to friends and acquaintances.

Please continue to inculcate in children a love of Russian traditions and holidays!

Masha (mother of Zlati and Stasik)

We first went to Rosinka with our 2-year-old daughter in September 2015. We were attracted by the possibility to expand our circle of communication in Russian. My daughter really likes going to your school. It is true, why she’s called a shark.

Katia has made good friends with Sophia whilst at the school, and after school lessons they’ll run around the school a couple of times and eat sweets together. We particularly enjoy your celebrations! Out daughter is happy to dance at the New Year’s celebration! She likes dancing and singing too. We will be sure to keep coming to your classes.

Anastasia (Katerina’s)

Maxim has been attending Rosinka for 5 years already. We really enjoy the interesting activities, the friendly atmosphere, and of course the excellent teachers. We very much like the celebrations and children’s performances.

And we have learned a lot! It’s good to read and write, solve crossword puzzles, to perform poetry readings in front of an audience, and to do different handicraft activities. Maxim particularly loves the creative activity books. We wish you continued success, further development and much prosperity !!!

Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

Svetlana Viznichenko (mother of Maxim)

We’ve been coming to Rosinka for 3 years. Lara has learned to write in Russian, and she’s constantly improving her conversational skills and reading. She has learned wonderful poetry and become acquainted with many of the great works in Russian. Thanks to the classes there’s a great opportunity for your child to learn the language in an organized programme and to communicate with peers in Russian. Lara has got to know the other children and has made many new friends. She loves the Russian celebrations too!

We wish the teachers continuing success!

Anne (Lara’s mum)

Dianka started at Rosinka’s playgroup when she was only 1 year old. Thanks to Rosinka Dianka has become familiar with the Russian alphabet and reading! Were it not for the weekly homework we bring back from Rosinka, we wouldn’t spend this time learning. Tatyana has really inspired and encouraged us to continue this learning journey! We’re confident we’ll be rewarded with these collaborative efforts as we explore our great language!

Dianka has met other Russian-speaking children, and I (her mum) have also made good friends (mothers of other children) through Rosinka.

We also love the celebrations which create a variety of learning opportunities for the children.

Marina (Diana’s mum)

My son has been attending Rosinka for 4 months and has already learned to read by syllables and to understand individual words.
We are attracted to the Centre by its teachers. In class everyone is very friendly. We like it very much!

Natalia (mum of Seraphim)

We first visited Rosinka in September 2015. What attracted us was the Russian-language setting, because it’s not always possible to do this home in families where one parent doesn’t speak Russian. Also, the fact that the child become interested in Russian culture and language – among a group of peers is always going to be better than at home with parents and grandparents.

Daniel has become better at conversing in Russian at home, and he’s become much more interested in listening to me read him stories in Russian. He’s learned to distinguish between the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, and steadily progressed his ability to read in Russian. His vocabulary has significantly increased too!

We love the celebrations organized by Rosinka’s teachers. We will certainly continue to attend classes!

Evgenia (Daniel’s mum)

My son has been going to Rosinka for 3 years. We are attracted by the cheerful work done with the children. They have learned that the Russian language is important and rich. We really love coming along to Rosinka’s seasonal celebrations. One wish we have for the Centre is to have additional lessons in mathematics, drawing, and a chess club, so that children have the opportunity to communicate with other teachers in Russian. In my opinion, this would be a big plus.

Masha (mum of Ruben)

My son started attending classes at Rosinka in September 2015 after going to the playgroup for a few months in 2013. During this time he’s learned the Russian alphabet. We were attracted by the opportunity to study Russian, and by how the teachers interact with the children.

We’d like to find more friends, speaking in Russian, and would really like to have organized coffee mornings with children and parents where there would be a nice opportunity to make new friends. We’d also welcome Rosinka’s sessions beyond the school walls, for example activities with children in the park or a spring/summer outing.

Tanya (Martin’s mum)