Rosinka Oxford Russian Children’s Centre opened its doors in Oxford in 2010. We began our Saturday classes in Summertown with just two small groups of children, focusing on Russian language and speech development. Since then Rosinka has grown and evolved steadily, with new ideas and projects. Our students gain knowledge of the Russian language, and learn about the traditions and history of Russia. They learn to write correctly and to read and speak eloquently in Russian. They also get involved in many contests to challenge their drawing, reading and writing skills, with literary quizzes, exhibitions of work and chess tournaments.

Every New Year brings our traditional Christmas tree with festive performances. We also run an Art Club, and every term our children rehearse and perform fairy tales under the careful guidance of our teachers. A puppet theatre also makes a regular appearance at our classes! Classes at Rosinka are currently held on Saturdays and Sundays at two convenient locations in Oxford, in Headington and Summertown.


  • Russian language and speech development (joint classes for children aged 2-3 years and their parents)
  • Russian language and speech development (joint classes for children aged 3-4 years and their parents)
  • Russian language and vocabulary for 4-5 years
  • Russian language and vocabulary for 5-6 years, class 1
  • Russian language and vocabulary for 7-8 years, class 2
  • Russian language and vocabulary for 8-9 years, class 3
  • Russian language and vocabulary for 9-11 years, class 4
  • Preparation for GCSE
  • Art Club



Rosinka employs qualified teachers with pedagogical education and considerable experience working with children. Our teachers regularly attend seminars and workshops on the teaching of Russian abroad, continuously strive to improve their professional development, and maintain an active interest in developments in pedagogy, new teaching methods, and new children’s literature.

For many years Rosinka has cooperated with other Russian-language educational and cultural organizations in the UK and further afield.

rosinka_pencilRosinka Oxford Russian Children’s Centre is a place where every child is endowed with attention and care. We treat each other with respect, whilst promoting active learning and play. We read, write and speak in Russian, we dance and sing, we compose and paint, we communicate and understand the world! Yet we are all so different, speaking different languages at home. In our family, we are united by the Russian language!